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Human Sciences is the factor behind the development of developed countries in order to achieve the goals, plans and the need for scientific work in its various dimensions at the international level. Today, these sciences play a key role in the success, progress and achievement of the major goals of the world, organizations and improving the lives of people in various dimensions. Therefore, the use of the ideas and expertise of the university community of management and humanities for programming to strengthen the various fields of management and humanities and the use of new findings to localize and apply this research is an important requirement in the world.

Since this necessity is more pertinent in specialties such as humanities, psychology, social sciences as an administrative and organizational transformation, humanities, psychology and social sciences have a fundamental role in the realization of a coherent and civilized intellectual system. What It is internal and external to the activities of R & D, whether external or external, requires the management of the process of transfer and development. Hence the holding of the seventh international conference of humanities, psychology and social science with the aim of expanding knowledge and publishing new and innovative findings in various fields of humanities, psychology and social sciences, taking advantage of the valuable experiences of the past, the professors of prestigious universities in Iran, the world and Scientific research institutions are an opportunity to exchange information and present new research findings and bring together scholars, scholars, academics, policy makers and managers, relevant organizations and interested individuals, and interested in the topics of the humanities, psychology and social sciences. .

The conference will provide the opportunity for discussion and scientific communication with universities and specialized centers of the country and the world in the field of common concepts of the humanities, psychology and social sciences and other related topics in the conferences. On this basis, the secretariat of the 7th International Conference on the Humanities, Psychology and Social Sciences is proud to invite all experts, experts, students, researchers and scientists from scientific, research and executive agencies to present their articles containing the latest scientific and research achievements in the main areas Conference or related fields, either individually or by group participation, to the Conference Secretariat. In addition, those interested in this field can use this scientific event as a free participant without presenting the article.